Sustainably Sourced - 100% Carbon Neutral

NÜWATER is sourced from an artesian spring 500 meters underground, one of the deepest springs in the world.

Filtered through rich volcanic rock, NÜWATER supplies the body with essential minerals for life.

In comparison to desalinated water - a process that is highly energy intensive, removes all the minerals and produces toxic waste in the process.

We are proud to say our manufacturing process is 100% Carbon Neutral. We aim to be a Carbon Net Positive company by 2023.

100% Recyclable & Sustainable

Seeing the negative impact plastic waste has on our environment, we decided we had to do something about it, putting the UAE at the forefront of sustainability.

The team at NÜWATER includes three likeminded childhood friends who share a passion for reducing plastic waste. Together we started NÜWATER, the canned water company that wants to prevent the 8 million tonnes of plastic that ends up in our oceans every year - without sacrificing convenience and taste.


NÜWATER has joined forces with UAE Water Aid, in order to give back to our community.

10% of our profits are donated to UAE Water Aid to advance projects in water sustainability around the world.